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Can my organisation apply if our revenue is less than $50,000?

Not in this funding round.

For this funding round applicant organisations must have revenue of at least $50,000 per year. In future funding IFPIM will seek ways to support organisations that do not meet this threshold.

My organisation is not in one of the countries listed as eligible for this call. Can we still apply as we feel our case is strong?

Not in this funding round.

In this funding round we are only accepting application from countries listed for this call, In future funding we will expand the range of countries that are eligible.

We are applying from a network of organisations. What are eligibility requirements for minimum revenues when applying from a network of organisations?

It depends.

Only the revenue of network organisations that will be part of the planned grant and that are in IFPIM countries can be considered when calculating the $50,000 minimum revenue requirement.

For example, if your network is exclusively in one IFPIM country the combined revenues of network members that will be part of the grant can be included.

If your network is in more than one country only the revenues of network members that are in the IFPIM country where the grant will be executed can be included. So an applicant in an IFPIM country cannot include the revenues of network members in other countries unless they are also in IFPIM countries and the grant will be implemented across these IFPIM countries.

Our media organisation is made up of several legal entities that in total have revenue in excess of $50,000 but no individual entity has revenue in excess of $50,000. Are we eligible to apply?


We have submitted an application through the website but are not sure if our application has been received. Do you send confirmation receipts or emails?


We do not send confirmation email or receipts when applications are submitted. All applicants will be informed of the outcome of the assessment of their concept note submissions on Monday 11 July.

Our organisation is incorporated in a different jurisdiction to the IFPIM country where we deliver our work. Are we eligible to apply?

Yes, provided your organisation is focused on and draws on expertise from the IFPIM country where you deliver your work.

Can an organisation make more than one application for funding?


If applicants are considering several different applications they should prioritise and submit only one concept note.

We are an investigative journalism collaboration working internationally and with a focus that includes some IFPIM countries. Are we eligible to apply?

Not in this funding round.

Future funding rounds we will be tailored for organisations with a more international scope, especially those working on investigative journalism.

We have a number of publications/ titles that are owned by the same holding company. Can each title make a separate application?

Only one application can be made per applicant organisation, and the applicant organisation must by legally established and have revenues of at least $50,000 per year. So if each title is a separate legal entity with revenues of at least $50,000 per year each title can make a separate application. But if the holding company is the only legal entity it can only make one application, which can relate to multiple titles or a single title.

Objectives of funding

Our challenge is more about making sure we can continue to fund our reporting given the financial pressures we face, than developing new activities. Can we apply for funding to continue our current activities?

Yes. You will be eligible to apply if your grant application is to support existing activities (if these activities align within the objectives of this open call).

Does our application need to cover all the activities set out in the call for proposals?

No. It is not necessary to address all the examples described under objectives for this funding.

We supply services (or content, or fact checking services, or technology solutions) to media organisations, but we do not disseminate information to the general public. Can we still apply for funding in this round?

No. In this funding call applicants are restricted to media organisations that disseminate information to the general public. Future funding calls are likely to include organisations that provide services to media organisations.

Geographical scope

Can a grant application cover more than one country?

We are not expecting grant applications to cover more than one country, but if they do  all countries must be within the geographic scope.

Will grants be provided in all of the countries listed under Geographical scope?

Not necessarily. There is a limited amount of funding available for this first call. We expect the portfolio of grants to have a good coverage across the countries listed under geographical scope, but there may be some countries where there are no grants selected in this first call.

Are grants available for exiled media/ diaspora in the countries listed under geographic scope?

It depends. Grants are not available to individuals, they are only available to media organisations. If the legal entity applying for funding is registered in a different country to the country in which public interest media is provided, grants may be available. This will be assessed on a case by case basis.

Can I apply in Arabic, Pashto, or Dari (for applications for Afghanistan, Lebanon or Tunisia)?

No. Applications must be made in one of the languages listed on the website. However translations of the call for proposals, application checklist, concept note form and frequently asked questions are available in Arabic, Pashto and Dari through the links below (but please note that applications for Afghanistan, Lebanon and Tunisia must be completed in English or French through the website and cannot be submitted in Arabic, Pashto or Dari):

Application information in Arabic

Application information in Pashto

Application information in Dari

Grant size and eligibility

Is there a minimum grant size?

No. There is no minimum grant size specified for this funding call but there is a requirement that applicants have a minimum annual revenue of $50,000. We expect most applicants will have annual revenues well in excess of $50,000.

The instructions specify that the grant per year is expected to be in the range 10%-30% of the current annual budget. If our grant application is for less than 10% or more than 30% of our current budget, will this be considered eligible?

Yes. This range is indicative. We will consider applications for lower and higher percentages. For grant percentages above 30% applicants will be expected to explain how they intend to mitigate the risk of dependency on a single funder.

Our organisation delivers public interest media as part of a wider set of services. Can we still apply for funding?

Yes. But the grant must be used to support the production of public interest reporting and not to fund other activities.

Please can you provide an example of the expected relationship between the grant amount and current budget. 

Step 1 is for you to work out the amount of grant per year that you are seeking. So if your grant is over 2 years you should divide your grant amount in two. Step 2 is to then compare this average annual grant amount to your current budget.

The expectation is that your annual grant request will be in the range 10%-30% of your current budget.

A worked example:

Grant request: $150,000
Period of grant: 2 years
Current budget: $300,000

Step 1: Calculate average annual grant

$150,000/2 years = $75,000 per year

Step 2: Compare to current budget

$75,000 per year grant/$300,000 current budget = 25%

This is within the expected range (10%-30%).

Are national funds eligible for IFPIM funding?

Not through this initial call, but yes, we would love to hear from you to explore future IFPIM funding for national funds.

Application and selection process

Can I discuss my concept note with a member of the IFPIM team?

Not at this stage. If your query is not addressed here please send your question before May 20th to: and head the subject line of your email ‘Question related to Funding Call 1’. Please note we will not respond to individual emails but will update ‘frequently asked questions’ during the application process.

In which language do I need to submit my concept note?

If you’re comfortable to submit your concept note in English, please do so. Otherwise you can submit in any of the languages that the concept note form has been translated into.

Who makes decisions about which organisations are funded? How do your donors influence these decisions?

IFPIM is an independent fund. Funding decisions will be made by the management team of IFPIM. Donors are not able to influence funding decisions.

When will the funding be disbursed? Should I include the grant in my budget for next year or for this year?

Funding will be disbursed shortly after grant agreements are signed, but this may depend on jurisdictions.

If our organisation is not selected in this first call for funding, can we apply again in future funding calls?

Yes. Whether you apply for funding in this initial call or not, you will be able to apply for future calls, provided you meet the criteria for such calls.

Will the IFPIM grant to my organisation be made public?

As a general rule we will publish our list of grantees. If this would generate risks (security, political…) for your organisation, we will discuss with you and can decide not to make the grant information public.

What if my organisation can’t meet the deadline for this call? 

This is only the first of IFPIM’s calls. If you are interested in applying in the future, send us your details at

Concept note form

Our organisation is in the process of being legally established. Can we still apply?

Yes, but all processes to establish the organisation must be complete by Monday 15 August 2022, the deadline for the submission of proposals.

What is the difference between annual budget and annual income?

Your annual budget is what you’re planning to spend, your annual income is the amount of revenues (from all sources) you’ve generated in the last year (as per the last available annual accounts).

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